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Nov 13, 2014

Emerging Explorer

I've always been fascinated by nature. I remember as a child playing in the woods and imagining myself in another world. Being an army brat I had the opportunity to grow up in Texas, Germany, and North Carolina, so I was definitely influenced by these different atmospheres and cultures. Between the ages of eight through ten, I would play with my toy microscope, collect rocks, and paint. I loved geology, art, and music! When I was in sixth grade I mastered the clarinet! I absolutely loved to play music, just being totally overwhelmed by music was therapeutic to me. In ninth grade I made a friend who was from Colorado and I remember her showing me photos of herself by the mountains, and I thought, "Oh beautiful! I would love to go see the mountains! I would LOVE to travel and venture the world!" 

In 2006, I did just that! I traveled to Atlanta and lived there for a couple of years. I was welcomed by the beautiful hills, majestically tall trees, and Latin culture. I really liked it! Nearly two years ago, I was also given another opportunity when I visited Washington DC for a Pro-Israel Conference, then last year in December I was blessed to visit the Holy Land of Israel with the Zionist Organization of America! Now, I'm really excited about my upcoming trip to NYC for another Pro-Israel Conference! G-D really has blessed me by granting me the opportunity to fullfill my dreams!

I have a long list of 'must do's before I die" on my bucket list, but what I really want is to become one of National Geographic's Emerging Explorers, an innovator who will contribute something profound and unique to society/ the world! My hope and dream is to share my ideas, story, testimony, talents with the world in a very scientific yet artistic way! Hopefully by the year 2015, my photograph and story will be published in the National Geographic magazine and I will travel the world, explore, venture, narrate, and witness the beauty of G-D's creation as an Emerging Explorer, maybe even earn 'Explorer of the Year!'
Profoundly dreaming,
Meli La Poeta

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