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Nov 13, 2014

Career In The Making

So, I should be graduating soon.... I'm a junior in college studying Psychology. Psychology is fascinating to me-the study of the brain, the how and why people do what they do. Have you ever wondered why someone reacted the way they did or what was their motive? Consider the detectives upon arriving to a murder scene, I'm sure they have asked themselves the "why's" and "what's" in a homicide.
Interestingly enough, I did take Criminal Justice courses in high school, and I do have a natural interest for investigating. Think of me as 'Sherlock Meli'. I hope that made you smile....

Anyway, after graduation I plan to continue working in my area of expertise: calming, encouraging, and helping those individuals who struggle with coping skills. Eventually, I want to participate in psychological experimental research, perhaps even harp therapy that way I could include music. Also, obtaining my master's degree is still an option, and I guess I will know for sure as time progresses. 

As for now, I will continue to study the concepts of Psychology until that glorious graduation day comes.

For the love of Psychology,
Meli La Poeta

Emerging Explorer

I've always been fascinated by nature. I remember as a child playing in the woods and imagining myself in another world. Being an army brat I had the opportunity to grow up in Texas, Germany, and North Carolina, so I was definitely influenced by these different atmospheres and cultures. Between the ages of eight through ten, I would play with my toy microscope, collect rocks, and paint. I loved geology, art, and music! When I was in sixth grade I mastered the clarinet! I absolutely loved to play music, just being totally overwhelmed by music was therapeutic to me. In ninth grade I made a friend who was from Colorado and I remember her showing me photos of herself by the mountains, and I thought, "Oh beautiful! I would love to go see the mountains! I would LOVE to travel and venture the world!" 

In 2006, I did just that! I traveled to Atlanta and lived there for a couple of years. I was welcomed by the beautiful hills, majestically tall trees, and Latin culture. I really liked it! Nearly two years ago, I was also given another opportunity when I visited Washington DC for a Pro-Israel Conference, then last year in December I was blessed to visit the Holy Land of Israel with the Zionist Organization of America! Now, I'm really excited about my upcoming trip to NYC for another Pro-Israel Conference! G-D really has blessed me by granting me the opportunity to fullfill my dreams!

I have a long list of 'must do's before I die" on my bucket list, but what I really want is to become one of National Geographic's Emerging Explorers, an innovator who will contribute something profound and unique to society/ the world! My hope and dream is to share my ideas, story, testimony, talents with the world in a very scientific yet artistic way! Hopefully by the year 2015, my photograph and story will be published in the National Geographic magazine and I will travel the world, explore, venture, narrate, and witness the beauty of G-D's creation as an Emerging Explorer, maybe even earn 'Explorer of the Year!'
Profoundly dreaming,
Meli La Poeta