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May 19, 2011

Katie May Selina Dress

Several months ago I ran across the Katie May page on facebook and not really knowing what it was, I began to browse through her photos. I noticed some very beautifully taken photos of some pretty women in nice dresses so I commented on them. Some time after that Katie began to reply back on my commentary and before I knew it, I began to comment more and more on her photos, noticing the nice dresses and tops that I felt were so "my style."  I read her information and found out she was a fashion designer, I was like, "Wow...that's amazing..."  So then one day she asked me for my email address and told me she had a SURPRISE for me, I was really EXCITED!! So, after I sent her my email address and she messaged me back she told me that I had won a Katie May piece of MY choice!! I was so astonished that I started jumping up and down!! I was really excited!! So here I am, wearing my beautiful dress!!
More of Katie's clothes can be found on the link below.


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